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"It feels like a year some days," the New York City-based actor says."This is actually the longest I have been able to quit smoking out of all my previous attempts." The support hes received from the Facebook group has been a major factor in his success this time around, Randolph says.Some people find that gradually reducing how much they smoke over time is enough. If you don’t want anyone else to know you smoke, you can ask them to keep it confidential.These can reduce your craving for the nicotine in cigarettes and help you stop smoking. But because they contain nicotine, it's really important to gradually reduce how much you have until you don’t crave it any more.

Smoking cigarettes or cannabis can be addictive and is really bad for your health. But there's lots of help out there if you want to quit smoking or help someone else stop.

It has a special timing mechanism and I can’t - I won’t be able to open it for an hour," Brezhnev tells Nixon."Oh, how's it open?

" asks the US president."See, the mechanism, the timing mechanism is now working and I won’t be able to open that for another hour.

“In England especially you don’t need to convince me, because I tried it as a footballer on coaches after a game when you didn’t see each other, there was so much smoke on the coach.”“But times have changed.

And English society is very sensitive to smoking, much more than France, than southern countries, so it’s a bit more shocking here than somewhere else.”However, a spokesman for the Arsenal midfielder claimed that the stunt was part of a prank, after he was challenged to do it by fellow members of the squad for a joke.“Jack was with team-mates and friends,” the spokesman said.