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Qlabel settext not updating

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The overall structure is an entry in the plugins menu, that lanuches a dialog with start and stop buttons.The buttons control a thread that counts to 100, sending a signal back to the GUI for each number.In the picture, you can see a simple GUI, with in green letters the names of the widgets.I have been developing some batch processing tools as python plugins for QGIS 1.8.

Get String("Macro Path","") "/" # macro path path = path.replace("\","/") # convert the "\" to "/" print "Path for the icons : " , path # try: _from Utf8 = Qt Core.I have found that while my tools are running the GUI becomes non-responsive.The general wisdom is that the work should be done on a worker thread, with the status/completion information passed back to the GUI as signals.We use the The window will contain a number of standard widgets, arranged in a grid layout.On the left will be a QGraphics View widget - a canvas-like widget.The first task we need to perform in the class's initialisation method is to call the equivalent method in the base class.