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Microsoft’s attempt to engage millennials via an artificially intelligent “chatbot” called Tay has failed miserably after trolls made the bot spew offensive comments.

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Fraunhofer's new pattern-recognition software can sort and organize a computer's contents, and then analyze images and video to search for qualities that would characterize them as child porn.

"Technologies such as facial and skin-tone recognition are combined with contextual and scene analyses to identify suspicious content," said project manager Raul Vicente-Garcia.

Instagram deleted the photos and video of Chyna with another man, after which Kardashian allegedly reposted them along with a tirade claiming Chyna had cheated on him, before the account disappeared, according to Heavy.

After the account was deleted, Kardashian took his tirade to Twitter.

It was later found by two people in a park who turned it in to law enforcement, according to the release. “This repeat offender criminal did not learn his lesson after his first prison term for child pornography,” acting Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security Investigations Tampa Ivan J. “This sentence stops this predator from continuing to cause harm to children.” Pates also was ordered to forfeit the smart watch and to serve 20 years of supervised release after he is released from prison, according to the release.

Reality TV personality Rob Kardashian of the Kardashian family has had his Instagram account deleted after he allegedly posted intimate photos of his former fiancée, model Blac Chyna, according to a report from Heavy.

In addition to having a protected router, we recommend installing the app directly on the devices you want to protect.

That way if the device leaves the home or if 3G/4G is flipped on, it will still be protected by the Net Angel filter.

Eight months after he was released from prison, Pates got a smart watch where he transferred three videos and 76 images that showed sexual abuse to young children, according to the release.By the time authorities have tracked down and deleted images of child abuse victims, they've already been downloaded, explains a news release from the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK in Berlin.And the hoarders of this illicit imagery are pretty good at hiding it, sometimes burying the files in mountains of other unrelated data.It will even protect gaming consoles and smart TVs.Buy one of our routers to be instantly protected within your home network.This is a theme that runs through “Grand Designs.” In this case, the payoff is worth it.