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Para começar uma nova vida no exterior e evitar complicações, saber algumas palavras e frases não é somente de grande utilidade, como também um bom ponto de partida.

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This past summer, I made a new friend named "Kyle." By all appearances, Kyle's a pretty "normal" guy: He's a successful accountant, he's married and he has 2 children. We did all the fun stuff that I like to do: play golf, fool around on the Xbox, watch movies, have deep philosophical talks, and occasionally hit up Taco Bell for a "fourth" meal.He even built me a new computer that's blazing fast and sports a 27-inch LED monitor. In order to please our friends, we must reciprocate and participate in their hobbies and interests.But we began Facebook messaging, which turned into GChatting, which turned into talking on the phone. A few years ago, my friends and I all signed up for S-Factor classes, which are a combination of striptease, pole dance, and Pilates, designed to make you feel sexy and look great. For what it was worth, I never ended up using the guest bed he'd set up for me.

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Additionally, my wife would kill me if she found out I was hanging out with strippers.

The problem is, there will always be a stigma attached to being a stripper, even if the strip club life isn't what most people imagine.

And that stigma creates all kinds of interesting issues when you start applying for new, non-naked work.

I quickly found Ethan via Facebook and sent off a quick message, asking if he was there.

He immediately fired back a response saying he wasn't—because he'd moved. You see, I've actually taken pole dancing classes before.