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In reality, the DNA segments are very seldom divided exactly in half, but all we can deal with are averages when discussing how much DNA you “should” receive from an ancestor, based on where they are in your tree.

The generational relationship chart above represents the average that you will inherit from each of those ancestors.

Archdeacon transcripts exist for Kent as well; some as early as 1560. A parish is the jurisdictional unit that governs church affairs within its boundaries. Small villages often do not have their own parishes but nevertheless have a chapel of ease built and are part of a parish headquartered in another town.

A parish may consist of one or more chapelries, dependent district churches or chapels of ease, which often keep their own records. A small parochial division of a large, populated parish.

Most chapels or chapelries kept their own registers of baptisms and burials, and where authorization was granted, marriages were performed and registers kept.

Occasional parishes throughout England, but especially most of Lancashire's approximately 75 parishes, and many in Cheshire, Greater London, and Yorkshire counties consisted of numerous chapelries.

For example, England's largest parish of Manchester (the Cathedral), was not the only church standing within its own boundary as it was comprised of over 150 smaller chapels many of ancient origin prior to 1880 (see Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of England for pre-1848 and, for post-1848 chapelries--see the Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales for even more).

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One of the most common questions I receive, especially in light of the interest in ethnicity testing, is how much of an ancestor’s DNA someone “should” share.

The chart above shows how much of a particular generation of ancestors’ DNA you would inherit if each generation between you and that ancestor inherited exactly 50% of that ancestor’s DNA from their parent.

Now if you find a name on the Ancestry BMD, you can double check and cross check with the Free BMD images of the original GRO before ordering certificates from the registration details provided, since Free BMD does not guarantee that their transcriptions are error free.

The huge job of putting the names contained in the GRO index online and making it searchable has been available thanks to the volunteers of the Free BMD organization.