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The Snapchat Web team is also known for the secrecy they maintain for all the updates/features which is recently added into the app.
There are many users using OKC world-wide which means that there are many people to contact on a daily basis.

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Online today

Yes, the internet, social media, texting, online dating are all relatively new and we’re all trying the best we can to make up the rules as we go along.But as anyone who has so much as glanced at their Twitter mentions or realized their best friend from high school unfollowed them on Instagram can tell you, people are monsters online. “Mastering the art of everyday conversation means remembering that it’s a two-way street, with thoughts and ideas shared in both directions,” they write.(I am tempted to use a less polite word than “monsters” here but I’m making an effort.) Luckily, the Posts have some ground rules for social etiquette in our online lives. Trouble comes when we come face-to-face with “the electronic brick wall” of online communication.They identify the problem as a combination of the mistaken belief we are anonymous, the ease of rudeness when not saying something to one’s face, and lax social skills.But manners also help social interactions go smoothly, and as society evolves, questions will always arise about how to handle situations without pain or awkwardness.

Long gone are the questions of ashtrays on the dinner table and chaperones from past editions.

The antidote all of this is to “tear down your electronic brick wall” by spending time with others IRL.

Online communication is not just easier, in many cases, but unavoidable. They advocate for the send delay/undo send function on email, remind us that all caps means yelling online, and to use caution when replying all.

With the ability to talk to friends instantly via text, or reach thousands on our social media accounts, we should take extra care to communicate respectfully.

And so “Emily Post’s Etiquette” pays special attention to the type of communicating we do online and on our personal devices.